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This series of wall mounted wine racks, holds from 12-36 bottles;

each 12 high with options of 1, 2 or 3 bottles deep.

12 bottle capacity (12 high x 1 deep)  1220(h) x 330(w) x 135(d) mm

24 bottle capacity (12 high x 2 deep)  1220(h) x 330(w) x 215(d) mm

36 bottle capacity (12 high x 3 deep)  1220(h) x 330(w) x 305(d) mm

12 bottle capacity $99.50

24 bottle capacity $109.50

36 bottle capacity $119.50

Prices Include GST

Each rack consists of two strips one to hold the base and one the neck. These are fixed to the wall independently, so can be configured to suit the application. These wall mounted wine racks are simple to install (5 screws to each strip) and can be used to store wine bottles in nearly any space, regardless of height, depth or width limitations.

The full range 12 bottle high versions, each with options of a 1, 2 or 3 deep rack, providing an extremely flexible and adaptable wine storage solution.

All racks are made from high quality steel  and come in Satin Black (powder coated) 

Email wineracks@wineracks.nz For Pricing and Quotes








Email wineracks@wineracks.nz For Pricing and Quotes